Friday, February 8, 2013

Tau Sar Cookie Roll

Tau Sar:
I had prepared a tub of tau sar just a few days ago. I soaked some mung bean overnight, steamed in a double boiler pan for 40 minutes. Added and stirred in some sugar. This process will smash the mung bean into tar sar. I decided not to pan sear the tau sar with oil, 2 reasons, I didn't want more oil to the tau sar mixture and also I didn't have enough time with my hectic schedule.

Cookie Roll:
So, tonight, I made some dough enough to made a batch of 30 these cute guys cookies. It sure is good enough on my first try on this recipe I created and made it my own. Ok sort of my own, I stole couple of recipes and add in my modification here and there (adapted recipes: cookie dough, tau sar pheah crust and/or pie crust). There you have it. I will put together and write the recipe and update to this page later.

As of now, I still have tau sar ingredient enough to make another 60 to 70 of these little guys!

I am satisfied with my tonight's baking trial :)


  1. these are the best looking and maybe the best tasting cookies from your latest creations. Is there a recipe where you make make this style of cookie using coconut ?

  2. Hi Joanne,
    I am Cindi from Penang, Malaysia. Got your blog from the CNY ... You are innovative. We made our Tau Sar cookies in roundies and you make it a roll. I am following your blog as i have saved it in my Favourite.. hope you dont mind.


    1. Hi Cindi, thanks for visiting my blog, I welcome your comments :) ... be my follower if you can. I am also from Penang but left Penang long time ago and now in US.