Tuesday, February 5, 2013

so where is the snow as predicted ....

how many times have the weather predicted and forecasted and get it right?? ok, maybe at least one time out of 100. Updated 3/6/2013, it finally come, snow is really coming down!

Snow is pretty and nice and so pure, especially seeing it coming down live right in your face!!! Here is picture taken on March 6, one big snow storm of this winter.

So you are stuck in the house as road conditions do not permit you to be out there. What do you do to avoid the cabin fever??!!! and please, please behave better than 'Calvin and Hobbes'

Here are a few suggestion on things/ideas to do when stuck in the snow:
  • play with your cat
  • bake cookies
  • go shovel the snow
  • read a book (perhaps may I suggest .. Calvin and Hobbes )
  • take pictures of the snow.
On the flip side, one big snow storm will last for awhile.. frankly, I am not one that loves snow. After all, snow can be big nuisance... and I mean it is not fun driving with all kinds drivers out there in a slippery slide road condition. Also, the car takes a bad beating from all the elements and chemicals applied on the roads.

I will add a Pic of dirty car when snow is gone. Who would like to have a dirty raggedy car parked in front of their house ( a day or 2 after the storm) ???

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  1. I say no cat, play with your dog...eat cookies, shovel the snow more than once, read a nice blog like Joannetrails, and play in the snow if you dare