Sunday, February 17, 2013

almond flakes cookes

This is my first time on baking these cookies. These are really healthier cookies than most cookies that use lots of butter and sugar. Light tasty cookie, what else can you ask for in a low calorie cookie? They are pretty easy and fun to make them. If you have leftovers egg whites, use them on this recipe. I have learned to bake them much faster and simpler (I will do better next time).

2 egg whites
60g sugar
50g flour
70g almond fakes
25g melted butter
( I will convert the cups on the measurements later and update recipe).

Line pan with parchment paper. Heat oven 350 degree.
Beat egg white till light. Gradually add in sugar and continue to beat mixture till dissolved.
Add in melted butter. Add in flour. Stir in almond flakes and combine well.
Spoon thin layer round shape on pan (make sure cookie are 3/4inch apart. Top with a few pieces of almond if you like. Bake at the top / higher level of oven as cookie bottom tends to burn first. Bake for about 13 mins, should be golden brown. Cool and store in air-tight container.


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  1. I can't wait until Lent is over, so I can try some of these !