Saturday, February 9, 2013

CNY cookies collage

I have been struggling in taking nice decent pictures. This morning after taking a picture on platter of cookies, I kept thinking to myself something did not look right.

At noon, I met this sweet lady and talked to her about my picture taking frustration and showed her all the pictures in my camera. She pointed out and showed me a couple of pointers. We tried a few pictures with my camera.

So here it is, I put together a collage, a bad picture I took earlier on the cookie platter and a few others. these are all the cookies I baked the last few nights. I think the new pictures showed some improvement ... maybe???? What do you think? I tried ... practice makes perfect..


  1. I really like the photos in the star shaped containers. Very nice :0

  2. This was some really tasty treats all at one time. It was like bakery heaven that day.Lucky me !