Sunday, June 26, 2016

mini summer cake

This is a mini cake and thanks to Ella for helping me made all the trucks cut-outs. Though my original plan was to make a 2 tier cake but I have to change my plan and went with this quicker cake. This is sort of a test run of the next full version to come in a couple weeks.

Here it is.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Celebration Cupcakes

My dear friend at church asked me if I would make a dozen (or up to 18) cupcakes for her grand's son graduation afternoon party. Yes, yes, I love to do that !! I am so glad that I get to try on decorating the cupcakes that shows/represents a little celebration spirit. Though the color scheme supposedly should be burgundy and gold .... good luck to me with trying to create the color using food color (best results would have been to buy the fondant already premade with that color) especially I don't have any real solid color gel... (maybe next time :) ). Well, at least I tried and here is the results of the burgundy on the stars. And the buttercream is no where close to being the color "gold" .... well, I guess I am color blind, it is a hint of gold, more like a pale yellowish gold, that will do. At the least the cupcakes still look and have some sort of celebration spirit (in my opinion anyways, right? ... sure hope a few guests at the party will delight on the taste if not the decorations, after all these cupcakes do have real ingredients.

Here are the pictures:

Will link (to my previous recipe) on the cupcake recipe. (to be updated).