Sunday, April 14, 2013

California Mandarins AKA Cementines AKA Cuties

I saw these  lovely 'Cuties' at the store today, I couldn't resist so I grabbed a bag. I am pleasantly pleased on how tasty they are. They are a perfect snack for anytime and without the quilt on the heavy loaded calories. I like the hint and slight tang taste with just the right amount of sweetness, I say these mandarins will hit the spot so you won't be craving for more extra junk food! I highly recommend these Cuties as snacks alternatives or pack them into your lunch boxes as well :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

small quilted pillow

Started on a new pillow quilt. A very simple pattern using 3 different color fabric combinations for the main design. 3 strips to form a square. Each square will flip the opposite direction when sew together.

I will have 6 squares of 2 strips form the design pattern. Pick a color of choice from the 3 colors to border the main design. Decide to have a green border on one side and purple border the other side. I am sewing both sides of the pillow case with same pattern, so the same will be sewn for the other side of the pillow case. I will add a binding trim to add emphasis and sparks too!

Here is the finished neck pillow.