Sunday, May 27, 2018

Apple Sauce Mini Loaf Cake

I recently made from scratch a tasty apple sauce mini loaf cake. It is a semi healthy alternative that has less sugar in the recipe but lots of sweet apple sauce. It is a very light, moist and sweet bread that is perfect  for our coffee fellowship.

I was excited when I took the cake out of the oven but because of my impatience, I iced the cake before the cake cooled down, the icing melted. Note to self; next time please let the bread cool before trying to ice it :) The melted frosting didn't make for a great look in the photo, but no one seemed to notice or care once they tasted it.


Summer Delights of Fruits, Berries & Vegetables

I am putting together a collection of fruits and vegetables on this page of this year. Thus, I will continuely be adding pictures as it becomes available.

        I just have to throw in this picture of one of my favorite weekend breakfast, hey it is paired
          with juicy grapefruit :D

Light Stir Fry Koay Teow

Here is a modified version of Penang's 'Char Koay Teow'. My fellow Penangites may not see the value in a healthy version of this beloved Asian delicacy, but I didn't make it to compete with the original recipe of my childhood. I made it for the enjoyment of me and my husband who both loved it, so you may like it also. What's wrong with being tasty and healthy ??

I really enjoyed making this dish. A  light stir fry like this is a quick recipe that only takes a few minutes to make.Prepping the vegetables was most of the work. With this recipe, I used lots of broccoli and red, yellow and orange peppers. Looks great doesn't it ?

Ingredients and recipe as follows: (To be added)

        Stir Fry Koay Teow done and ready to serve ... goes well as is or paired nicely with a piece of                grilled meat or seafood

           Plated portion, with a splash of hot sauce, this light dish quarantees to satisfy your palate... maybe even asking for second helpings ;)