Monday, August 29, 2022

Quilted Throw for Living Room

I wanted to sew a living room size quilted throw, but it took me a few days to decide on what design to use.  I already had many triangle shaped cutouts left over from one of my previous projects. So, I used those as a starting point for the design. I took those pieces and thought to myself what colors and shapes would look together? 

Although I had a deadline for this project, since it was a gift for a friend, I still had plenty of fun and lots of enjoyment in putting this quilt together. One good thing is that it saved me time because I already had many of the pieces that I used ready to go. 

If I had any regrets or second thoughts, I would have chosen to use more whites or cream colors instead of the gray I had available. The pattern would have shown better with slightly lighter colors, but I am still satisfied with how it all turned out. I will use this same pattern again with a different color scheme next time. I will also be updating this blog with pictures when I complete the next one with this pattern.