Wednesday, February 6, 2013

look what I baked last night .....

I am determined to be doer and not just talker ... therefore, I experiment baking 3 kinds of cookies... peanut cookies, cranberry cookies and coconut cookies... yep, here they are. I am happy on how they turned out, granted I had not been successful on several attempts with my cookie baking. well, take your pick and take a bite ( I mean take a look)  what you think? I will add the recipes later on.

These are peanut cookies, 2 different design cut-outs, just dissolve in my mouth instantly.

Here are cranberry cookies. I patiently cut each individual cookie with special care as I wanted every piece to be a piece of good cookie.
these are before being baked

these are fresh out from the oven.

Coconut Cookies! Frankly, of all the 3 kinds, coconut cookie is the least hassle to make.. and could possibly be tastier... I will let my cookie tester (Terry) to let us know. I am sure he will too :)

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