Thursday, February 7, 2013

my chronic right shoulder pain... months after months

if only a simple visit to the Orthopedic and a prescription can do the trick, I already tried avail. I have changed the way I sleep on my bed. I have switched to sleeping on no pillow to different kinds of pillow ... including my travel pillow. I made myself also sleep in one position, that is on my back. ... pain still exists each day, more profound pain during night or wake up on a slight movement or shifts.

I do get reliefs with lots of stretching exercises. though it hurts to hold weights of  8 pounds (or more) to move and lifting them up and down and backwards.. yikes!

here is what I am thinking, I like to try ice cold pack next... I hope this will in some ways help.
or hmmm...  Physical Therapy or Chiropratic ????

Anyways! ... that is my whinning for today :)

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  1. I pray to our Lord that He will lead you to the treatment or treatments that you need to find relief. It is so sad to see you in such discomfort.