Tuesday, February 12, 2013

kickstart noteworthy expectations..

I am tired of feeling sluggish, tired and fatigue and going to bed way too early and still couldn't get in the morning. I do not have as much energy in my morning workout like I used to have. What is wrong with this picture??

Listing some of my new expectations:-
I would like to gain more energy and don't get fatigued so easily or quickly.
I like to feel better over all physically and mentally, which means I need to be healthier and have a positive attitude in life.
I need to be vigilant in eating right, eating healthy, and oh stay away from those goodies.. they are junk food, bad for me. Perhaps, I should have banner of some sort hang within my visual reach :). I will come up with something creative.. let me give this some thought.

Be more productive.

Set new attainable goals and document those goals.
Set up schedule and follow the schedule.

Schedule and progress on this chart below: ( to be added later).

Nice to have to do list: -
  • Blogs frequently.
  • Declutter and get organized in my spare room, get rid of junk / old stuff that are useless
  • Learn to see the positive side of everything.
  • Stop beating myself over more small stuff
  • Love myself more.

1 comment:

  1. Please don't beat up on yourself anymore. That should be # 1 on your list. I don't like the sound of that at all :( Being critical in your thinking doesn't need to have any negative feelings behind it. Beating yourself up = very negative. Your goals are great ! I like the way you are approaching everything else :)