Friday, January 30, 2015

Handmade Paper Flowers

With the weather being cold and deary, it is good to try to keep busy in door with some interesting craft ideas. My thought is to made something for Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year or just anything that will warm the heart, fun and whimsical. Initially, I wanted to sew using pink or pastel fabric with "hearts" as the topie to begin with, but I have changed my mind and I decided to try making these paper flowers... so much fun to make ... I can't stop making them. You should try them too ;)

You could already have the materials already in your pantry. I have a whole pack of small size coffee filters which I bought awhile ago for other purpose (not for making coffee). Wire ties to temporary secure the flowers  ( I later tie the flowers with white threads, you can get flower tape or wire if you choose that but this is entirely up to you ). I intend to get some flower tape so I can secure the flowers to some stems to make bouquet of flowers :) ... this will updated once I get the flower tape.

For now, here the steps in pictures shown below on how to make the paper flowers.

1. Fold 2 or 3 coffee filters at a time into half and half again (becomes quarter).
2. Smooth the quartered coffee filters flat on the table.
3,4. Trim the bottom and outer of the filter in petal shapes.
5.  Trim the outer filter in half.
6. Fold evenly few times on the bottom filter  ( looks like accordion)

7. Fold the inner accordion shape filter into half.
8. Hold the accordion filter tight and start wrapping the other filter around.
9. As you wrap the filter, allow the outer layer just slightly higher as you continue to wrap around.
11. 12. When you get to the end of wrapping, hold and squeeze tight the bottom stem. Tie with wire tie to secure. After you completed a bunch of these flowers, replace each wire tied flower with white thread.

      Using a small bowl, add water and a drop or 2 drops of food coloring.
      Hold the stem of flower and lightly dip the outer edges of the petals, the color will bleed/spread creating         a beautiful highlight.

     Place wet flowers on paper layering and let the colored flowers to dry.
     Once dried, reshape the flowers slightly. Decorate as needed and enjoy!

There are endless ways to make use of these flowers. Here are 2 I tried - add-on to flower bouquets, knit to a heart pillow. How will you use them?


  1. What a nice way to describe step by step how these coffee filters become beautiful flowers for arranging. And the teacher is a real cutie too !

  2. And the pillow is even nicer. It will work nicely for our ring bearer Ella to carry :)