Saturday, March 21, 2015

ruffled trim quilted pillow

Instead of an ordinary guest sign-in book, I thought I would made something with a personal touch. So I come up with the idea of sewing my very own quilted pillow with "pink" as the color scheme. I started piecing together tiny triangles using a varieties of solid, stripes and the flowered fabrics that I already have.  And when I have to decide what I wanted to finish on the trims, I challenge myself to sew ruffle trims ... well, very very time consuming... and very tedious ... but the end result, I am pretty pleased.

Take a look at the completed pillow. ....hmmmm oh oh I have only one problem .. so what do you think the problem is... well the pillow is too soft to write / sign on it. ... back to square one .... I have to think about an alternative... thoughts .. suggestions .??? .. I will probably sew another piece with the same pattern but without stuffing as a pillow... I will just made a quilt or an unstuffed the pillow case ... and I will stuff pillow after quest sign-in is complete

As for this pretty pillow, it will still stay with me for now .... ;)

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