Sunday, December 3, 2017

that time of the year ....

 Today marks the first day of Advent. It is during the Advent season we focus on anticipating Christ’s birth. We do our best to prepare ourselves spiritually during this special time leading up to Christmas. So we work with a grateful spirit as we prepare our home for this special time. We start by bringing out all the boxes with all the Christmas decorations. We put together a Christmas village with churches, barns, a theater, some village shops and houses with lighting so festive it makes you dream of a cozy white Christmas. We hung up wreaths and stockings with colored lighting to bring that holiday look of this special season. The house is warm and festive with Christmas music playing in the background and freshly baked goodies mixing wonderfully with the scented candles we both enjoy. It really is beginning to look, taste, smell and feel like Christmas !

 The pictures below are from a small batch of winter cookies to I made for our church's coffee fellowship this morning. I will take some more Christmas cookies pictures soon as I will be making more Christmas all during this Advent season. The next batch will look more 'Christmasy' than these !

The picture below is of a couple of wreaths I repurposed into one very festive Advent wreath wreath that I display at our front entrance way to our living room. What do you think ? Pretty nice, right ?

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