Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vanilla Sour Cream Birthday Cake

My girlfriend's family is having a birthday party for her and we are invited. Their family parties are always festive events and I have volunteered to make my friend's birthday cake. ( I am so happy they asked me ). I needed to doubled the recipe for such a party. I made 2 layers of 12 inches each so I needed plenty of cake batter. I decided on using my Vanilla Sour Cream Cupcake recipe that I have had good success with before. They were great tasting cupcakes the first time so I am sure I will have a nice cake from this recipe as well.

Here are some pictures.


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  1. This post has come at a perfect timing as my nephew is turning 10 and i had made a promise to bake him a cake for his birthday party. thanks for sharing this plus i am happy he is a fun of vanila cakes.