Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hawaiian Bread Pudding

Every Sunday there is Hawaiian sweet bread left over from our communion service at our church. It is very delicious bread and blessed as well. So I hate to see it to go to waste. But what should I do with all this bread ? Recently my husband and I have begun a low carb diet so bread is no longer a daily part of our meals. So it can't be for us to eat, at least not very often.
 So I think about it and decide to save it until I have enough to make numerous bread pudding casseroles for fellowship functions at our church. I sent a sheet of the dessert to a recent men's event to see how my idea and baking was received. There were many desserts to compete with, so I was surprised that very little of the bread pudding was left over.
 Whole Foods has excellent bread puddings and I was hoping that I could try to make that recipe myself, but I couldn't find their recipe anywhere online. I guess it's a big secret. So I came up with a recipe of my own. Take a look below for the complete recipe. I think the extra eggs and the coconut makes the biggest difference with how mine tastes, at least that is my husband's opinion. Bon apetit !

 I also made some delicious Ham & Cheese Pinwheels, here is my recipe to send to the fellowship party.

Ingredients:  (for easy instructions, I provided a one recipe I made  1 1/2 recipe for extra large dish)
1 loaf of hawaiian bread, cut in small cubes.
3 cup milk
1 cup sugar
8 eggs
1 1/2 Tbs flour
1 cup raisins
1/2 cup sweetened shedded coconut
1 tsp cinnamom
2 Tbs butter (room temp)

On a baking dish, spread thin layer of butter all over the dish, bottom and sides.
Layered and pack bread cubes on dish.
Sprinkle raisins and coconut on top of bread cubes.
Followed with sprinkle cinnamon on top.
On mixer, mix eggs and sugar starting with low speed and increase to medium speed.
Then reduce speed to low and slowly pour stream of milk into mixer while mixer is running at low speed. Once all milk is added and mix well, turn mixer off.
Pour egg & milk mixture over baking dish to soak ensuring all the bread is soaked in.

Bake at preheated oven at 325 degree for 1 hour.
Turn off oven, slightly let oven door stay opened by inserting a knife between the oven door.
After 15 mins, take bread pudding oven.
Cut and serve over ice cream or caramel sauce or alone, yum!

                                            ingredients all line up

                                             buttered dish filled with hawaiian bread cubes
                                          top and sprinkled with raisins & shedded coconuts
                          bread filled dish soaked with egg & milk mixture ready to go into oven

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