Sunday, August 16, 2015

toss pillow

Quick and fast is key to this patch work.

Ms Ella is spending weekend with her grampie and me. And we are thrilled to have her. Ella has asked if I could sew her either a toss pillow or a small blankie. Since I only have a weekend to sew something quick yet durable and hopefully a little something pretty.

We decided I sew a toss pillow. Without further ado and a little help from Ella, she pick out these favorite color schemes on the fabrics that she wants on the pillow.

The patchwork begins and the stitches got started right away, piece by piece I sew away until the last bright pink is sewn, knotted and trimmed. With that we got Ms Ella her toss patchwork pillow. I hope Ella likes this pillow and that she will add this pillow to her pillow collections; as her sleep companions :)

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