Saturday, May 23, 2015

gathering with my dear friends

We hear the saying about "Real friends treat you like family"  and I can attest to that. I have my dearest friend that introduced me to her entire family some 20+ years ago. From day one, they welcomed me and treated me with so much love and made me feel so at home with her entire family. I am forever grateful to her and her entire family.

This afternoon, we are so happy we get to spent time together with old friends and enjoy each others company. We laugh, talk and relax and also share some good food together.

We had some good food and ... oh my goodness,, lots of treats and desserts!!!

First, Crissie & Hui surprised us with my favorite pastry and an irresitible cheese cake..
Annie and Dave walked in with the most huge and lovely roses from Annie's garden. She baked the most delicious Hawaiian bundt cake. It is really good bundt. Annie bakes really good as always.

I gave Oring direction to our house and guess what... I gave her the wrong exit number. Poor Oring & Michael went pass our exit by 10 miles. When she called, I had Dave talked to Oring to try to give direction to Oring but after talking over the phone for 20 minutes, Oring & Michael were still lost and driving in circles. Dave and Hui had to drive to Oring and Michael and bring them to our house.

Well, as expected, Primie is always late... hey.. late better than never.. everybody forgives her. Generous Primie brought a bunch of beautiful pink roses too and not to mention Baskin Robbin's ice cream cake... and how are we supposed to eat so many desserts, huh ??

All the desserts are super yummy! Annie & Dave have to leave earlier than everybody else as Dave has schedule to be home at a certain time to milk his cows.

So so glad of our awesome gathering and reunion and.that we hope to make this a yearly reunion tradition for all us!!

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