Thursday, February 6, 2014

Red Chilli Mache

I was looking for crafty ideas for our church Chilli Cook Off for this Sunday... and

I found this chili pepper pom DIY. So I quickly dug in my wrapping paper bin looking for red tissue paper and I was lucky to find just enough materials make 2 Red Chilli maches.

Here is what I used:

4 sheets of Red tissue paper.
1 sheet of Green tissue paper (used and wrinkled .. oh well but it worked for what I needed )
red ribbons for tying together.

Cut 4 sheets of Green paper measuring 3inch squares
Cut 2 sets of 4 sheets of Red paper measuring 4 inch squares
Cut 3 to 4 sets of 4 sheets of Red paper measuring 5 1/2 inch squares
Cut 1 set of 4 sheets of Red paper measuing 6 inch squares.

Fold one set at a time (working from the bottom up.
Start with the smallest set of Red, separate the 4 sheets out.
Bring and gather each sheet in accordion like fashion, give a little pinch/squeeze in middle.
Tie together all 4 sheets with ribbon. (ensure ribbon leaves a 2 inch tail for typing together)
Work the next set, until all sets are done.
Now tie first and second together but 1 inch apart.
Tie 2nd and 3rd together, again 1 inch apart.

Now, you should get this when complete.


  1. well written make is sound so simple, but i couldn't do this, Nice job !

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