Friday, December 6, 2013

Sausage Potato Breakfast Casserole

With extra quiche crumb toppings, I called it the ultimate breakfast casserole. Lets see if the men like them at the Men's Breakfast.

Picture will follow shortly.


Potato ( 2 lbs )
10 ozs shredded cheese - I used cheddar cheese
12 ozs Sausage Links
1/2 lb Turkey Ham
1/2 each Bell Peppers, red and green.
1 medium onion - chooped
10 eggs
3/4 cup milk

Cut up potato in cubes. boil and steam in a dutch oven for 25 mins or till soft.
Cut up sausage and turkey ham (into cubes).
In a big saute pan, cook sausage till slightly brown, add turkey ham and all other veggies and seasonings and sauteed for 15 mins. Mix in potato to cooking pan.

Scoop into 13x9 baking dish. sprinkle cheese all over.
Whisk up eggs and milk, pour over dish.
Chop up into crumbs 2 slices of quiche and spread as another layer of toppings over casserole.
Wrap dish with plastic wrap and refridgerate over night.
Bake at 350degree for 40 mins.

Cool for at least 5 mins and serve.

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