Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Small Birthday Cake - Banana Layer Cake

 I have made many banana breads in the past,but only a few cakes. Not too long ago I made this recipe that works well for me. See the recipe at the link here. I made 2 small 6 inch banana cakes that I decorated with a few chocolate chips on top of each cake pan (in case you are wondering about the dark smears on the cake, well that is the chocolate chips. They were a great addition) and decorated within all four layers on this dense, but very moist cake. The density of the cake helped it hold well together, so I was able to make each layer very thin without crumbling or tearing.

The thin layers also made it nice to work with my icing. This icing gives the cake that extra moist, soft sweetness most people want. My cakes are usually not this sweet, but because of the type of cake I made, the sweetness works nicely.

   I was a little worried that the cake may be too dense but nope, it really was just perfect. The cake cuts beautifully and just melts in your mouth even without ice cream. But in lieu of a Birthday celebration, we did top each thin slice of cake with couple scoops of vanilla ice cream ...mm-mm good.

Updated this page to include 2 more banana cakes I made a week later, thought I added the pictures here below!


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