Saturday, December 8, 2018

Year End Cakes & Cookies

This is the time of year people really enjoy baked goods. It's the holiday season. Hot drinks and baked goodies go well with the cold temperatures. I have baked my first apple pie and made dozens and dozens of nicely decorated sugar cookies. Two birthday cakes were on my agenda this weekend. And I am happy with the results. Let's see how long they last tomorrow ?

I have been baking much more last and this month then any other months this year why? Because of Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays :)

So I will be adding more pictures as I continue to bake and add to this post.

Fall Cookies

Birthday Cakes

Christmas Cookies

Update, here are my last (....maybe!?... ) batch of cookies just in time for Christmas ! I have to admit, I am sort of disappointed with myself how the Christmas cookies turned out, they are not as nice as those I made last year. Do I have to give an excuse?... I have a little cold and I just couldn't get it going and was struggling especially with the elves!...sorry guys!!

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