Monday, February 5, 2018

Ecclesiastes 5,6

Our discussion of chapters 5 and 6 in Ecclesiastes.
The first seven verses of chapter 5 were about how a wise person would approach God; which was with caution and brevity. Don't overstep God or overestimate yourself. One commentator said Solomon was discussing correct Temple protocol, since as King in Jerusalem, he would worship in the Temple.
The rest of both chapters 5 and six were about the vanity of wealth. Solomon begins by talking about corporate injustice, whether cultural or governmental. He saw them as poor vehicles for justice and equality, but an inevitable certainty we must deal with. The teacher tells a few scenarios about wealthy men, both reckless and honorable who found no meaning in their endeavors. It was vanity that led to jealously guarding your possessions without peace or satisfaction. The temporary advantages were not worth the insomnia.
The Teacher asks us why do our efforts lead to undiminished desires ? Why can't we find peace and satisfaction in them ? He ends this lesson by letting us know that we don't understand the nature of our lives or our futures and that we must begin to accept the realities of our limits. In this acceptance of who we are and who we aren't we will begin to see life's real purpose clearer.

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