Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Cookies

Every holiday is hectic and Easter is no exception. But being busy is what I do, so what shall be my special Easter project ? It would be nice if I could bake some cookies, but getting the icing right has always been a time consuming challenge for me. How about some beautifully decorated and festive Easter themed sugar cookies ?

I made sure I had some free time yesterday for baking and I am so glad I did. These Easter themed cookies came out beautifully, especially the icing. I think I have this style of icing down now. When an idea comes to fruition, baking becomes a joy that brings a warm feeling to my heart and a happy face to those who eat them, especially my cookie monster hubby.

Below is the recipe for the sugar cookies.
And my recipe for the Royal Icing here.

      ran out of royal icing, so some of these were no iced flooded :(, I tried the best I can ;)

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