Sunday, May 1, 2016

Princess Elsa Frozen Cake

I want to put this in my blog so I have a record that I made this cake yesterday and serve it this morning. Thanks to Ella, we have Ella over this weekend and Ella wanted she and I to make an Elsa cake.. she said it would be exciting and fun. And sure enough ..exciting and fun !!!

She showed me this video by Nerdy Nummies on making the Princess Elsa Frozen cake and she asked if we could made this together this weekend, oh and she did bring her Elsa doll with her ;)... how smart of her ( I guess I can't say No). I told her we can try to make it and it may not turn out and look like the cake on the video ... we will make our own version ... and  tah dah, here it is.

Ella definitely did a great job putting on the finishing touches, making sure the dress looks a lovely and fit for Princess Elsa. And best of all, we get to share the cake at church this morning after service and it was lots of uhs and ahs all the way ;)  High fives to Ella.

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