Friday, February 26, 2016

Sugar Cookies iced with Royal Icing

  I am always looking for a new challenge when it comes to my baking. Something worth doing is rarely easy, but this new style of icing that I am learning was more difficult than I expected.
Using royal icing on sugar cookies is my newest challenge. When I first saw the elaborate designs other people were using and creating, it inspired me to try.
   I know that I am hard on myself and always want my cookies to be nearly perfect the first time. I am always that way. So I wasn't surprised that I wasn't happy with my first few attempts at this new "for me" icing. I would take pictures of my first attempts at the royal frosting on my sugar cookie recipe and think that my designs are so sloppy compared to the photos I had seen on other baker's blogs. I knew I could do better so it was back to the kitchen for another attempt at my better version of this tasty treat.
   I am using a tried and true sugar cookie recipe that I have perfected over the past holiday seasons. Everyone says not a cookie will go stale if I use this recipe, so I am confident in it's goodness. The royal icing recipe is a winner but I needed to perfect a few techniques before it was really my own. Flooding the cookie takes practice both the technique on the flooding and the consistency of the icing; Practice, practice... it is like learning how to ride a bicycle... sort of. And I did what I normally do, try and try again and then try some more until I feel the icing and the cookie are a good fit for each other.

My sugar cookie itself, seems just right for this style and texture of icing. The cookies are flat and broad and smooth, making a surface nice for an iced base to lay down my more intricate designs that I place on top of the flooded base.

You can find my sugar cookies recipe here
And link to the recipe on... Royal Icing

Here are the pictures of my finished cookies !

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