Monday, January 27, 2014

Tapioca Cookies

My first attempt on Kuih Bangkit recently was not successfully. They turned out to be a very different cookie than my intension, the cookies were rubbery, almost felt like marsmallow cookies on every bite. I believe I didn't prepared the flour dried enough.

Here is my "Take 2" on these cookies. I am using only tapioca flour this time (without adding any corn flour). I paid more attention on the dryness of the flour and I heated up the tapioca flour in smaller batches on a large flat plate by spreading a thiner layer of flour on the plate and heat up the same way in the microwave. I also added a little margarine and used only coconut cream.

I was able to use the wooden moulds (thanks to my mom's hand me down cookie moulds) to cut the cookie shapes successfully and patiently. I am happy with the taste and texture of these cookies, though 100% like my mom's but close enough :)

500 gm tapioca flour
100 gm tapioca flour - for dusting cookie dough
3 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
120 ml coconut cream (avoid using the water part of the milk)
2 Tbs margarine

Flour Preparation -
In a large plate,
1. Spread 1/3 cup of tapioca flour on thin layer on plate.
2. Heat flour in microwave for 1 minute on the first heat up
3. Take out plate and stir flour lightly, repeat heating for another 40 seconds.
4. Pour heated flour in a big bowl.
4. Repeat the above steps on subsequent 1/3 cup flour batches until the flour is all heated up.
5. Save flour bowl and let flour cool overnight.

Cookie Making -
In a mixer, beat egg and sugar till light. (Scoop out 1/4 cup of egg mixture as reserve for later use if needed if dough gets too dry).
Add margarine, and beat a few more minutes.
Add flour gradually, one spoonful at a time to egg mixture and mix and knead well.
(Reserve 100 gm flour for working on the dough, dusting and cutting the cookie.)
Add coconut milk one spoonful at a time to flour and egg mixture and knead till it form to a nice workable dough texture. (not too dry or too soft).

Line parchment paper on cookie tray.
Keep a damp paper towel or using a air tight cover to cover dough in container while not in use.
Pull a small ball of dough from container,  (working in a small tennis ball size dough at a time).
Dust wooden mould with flour, press a tiny piece of dough onto mould and smooth the surface of dough out to level the mould. Light knock out cookie mould onto working area and pick up cookie gently and transfer to cookie tray. (cookie can be place slightly apart just enough so cookie won' collide together)
(If dough gets too dry, add a few drops of egg mixture to mix well to form workable dough)

Bake at preheated oven 350degree for 12 mins.
Let cookie cool, serve or store in air-tight container.


  1. Hello, stumbled across your blog. These kuih bangkits look really nice. Lots of patience needed in frying the flour!

    1. I actually microwaved the flour in smal batches, there is no messy, I did a few days ahead or you do this a day ahead. Thanks for looking and commenting :)

    2. Joanne you are so meticulous in all your trails and pursuits. This takes skill and lots of patience. Really nice tradition too !

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